Access Africa Initiative

A non-profit organisation operating in South Africa,Lesotho,Zimbabwe and England. SA Registration Number  :  K2017-463875

SA Registration Number  :  K2017-463875

We are non-profit organisation operating in South Africa,Lesotho,Zimbabwe and United Kingdom


Our Story


Following the plight of young people and orphaned vulnerable children in South Africa, cause driven youths came together to create Access Africa Initiative as a platform for young people to partake in the efforts that enhance access to services for young people and the communities in which they live.  





South Africa’s population is largely made up of young people; those who are below the age of 35 years constitute about 66% per cent of the total population. With over 54 million South Africans, 18.5 per cent are between the ages 10-19; and 24 per cent are aged 15-24 (StatSA, Mid-year population estimate). There is great benefit in investing in young people by creating pathways for accelerated development. When young people can claim their right to health, education and decent working conditions, they become a powerful force for economic development and positive change…           

- Since Way Back -

Young people are at the forefront of our sustainable development agenda...

The big idea

Our Vision is to have young people in South Africa having unhindered access to all the services they need.

What we do best

We encourage and facilitate a conducive environment where young people are engaged by policy makers for their input when they design policies or make decisions on matters that affect them.

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We  advocate for the many challenges and opportunities facing South African youth at grassroots level in the individual communities they live in.

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We promote youth friendly service delivery. We increase uptake of Youth targeted services.